QuietPod was recently the best in a test

QuietPod has recently carried out a sound test at SINTEF according to the new standard for measuring independent quiet rooms.

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A new standard (ISO 23351-1) has recently been drawn up for testing the sound insulation of independent quiet rooms. The standard ensures equal and fair measurement between the various providers of room-in-room solutions. The test is carried out in a laboratory in a fully assembled room and measures the level of speech recognition from the room to the surroundings. SINTEF has carried out a test of the QuietPod in accordance with the new standard ISO 23351-1 and the results of this test give the QuietPod the best in the test - with the highest value of 13 well-known European manufacturers of quiet rooms.

Documentation is sent on request.

Sound insulation

QuietPod has used external advisers for the development of quiet rooms, this to optimize the sound insulation of the quiet rooms. The main ingredient for stopping sound is heavy materials, this is the reason why our quiet rooms are heavier than our competitors.

We often get feedback from our customers that the sound insulation is very good and our references can confirm this.

Fire class A

The main construction is documented fire class A. This is important as a lower fire class will require sprinkling in accordance with Splinter standard in TEK 17.

Quietpod is the only known manufacturer of quiet rooms that have fire class A in the main construction and that can be exempted from sprinkling.

Air ventilation

We use a powerful fan system adapted to larger meeting rooms.

The fan has a maximum capacity of 514 m³/h. During installation, we have a normal setting of 144m3 m³/h = 40l/s. Standard meeting room requirements are 26m³/hpr person or 20m³/hpr. sqm and a setting of 40l/s exceeds the requirements for our rooms. The system has sound traps for both intake and exhaust air, which prevent noise for the user of the room and the surroundings. The solution provides good air quality by using the recirculation principle where air is drawn from the surroundings without the need for an external connection.

Integrated screen and flexible interior

We can now also offer fully integrated video conferencing solutions with 2 options;

BYOD (bring your own device) - Solution with hdmi/usb connection

MTR System - Onetouch Join for Teams / Zoo

We have a large selection of customer customization options. All external surfaces can be foiled or covered with other materials such as absorbents or wooden surfaces beyond the painted surface. The customer can choose the number of glass/walls/doors and their placement in relation to the location and light conditions in their premises.


All our quiet rooms are on lockable wheels. This gives great flexibility when it is necessary to move the still room without having to dismantle it. See illustration with hidden wheels in floor.

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